Hypnosis is simply a deep relaxation tool designed to facilitate "focused concentration." It’s a very normal, natural state that we all experience in some way every day. Examples of daily hypnosis are daydreaming, “highway hypnosis”,  and exercising (“the zone”). In these instances, the conscious part of the mind has been distracted, allowing the subconscious mind to take over. When you have your baby using hypnosis, you will be totally relaxed, yet fully in control. You will be totally in charge and can interrupt, or resume, your hypnosis at any time you wish.

Since you will learn so many choices and options for your labor and birth, it’s recommended that you begin a series as soon as you can. Plan on finishing the course at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your due date. If this isn’t possible, consider our one-day intensive class. 

Hypnosis is not being in a trance, “out”, or “under”. It is a state of physical relaxation, not mental.  You are always aware of your surroundings and wouldn’t do anything that would go against your beliefs. While utilizing hypnosis you are always in control and will accept only those suggestions you feel beneficial.

Birth With Ease

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What is Hypnosis Not?

What is Hypnosis?

When Should I Start A Hypnobirthing Series?

What is Hypnobirthing?

Birth With Ease is Cincinnati’s most inclusive childbirth education course based on hypnobirthing and haptonomy (bonding with your preborn baby through touch) philosophies. This 20-hour course is well-respected in our community for helping local women experience shorter, easier, more comfortable labors, making childbirth the joyful experience it’s truly designed to be.  

Incorporating the most comprehensive childbirth education curriculum available in the city ensures that our expectant parents won’t need to go anywhere else for an additional childbirth class. Typical hospital procedures will be discussed from an evidence-based research perspective, and if an intervention were to become medically necessary how to make the safest choice for you and your baby.

Expectant mothers are provided with hypnosis downloads and scripts to train their subconscious minds that uterine surges (contractions) can be experienced as pressure, tightening, tingling, or other normal sensations. Women are fully in tune with their bodies and babies during the labor process, and can interrupt, or resume, their relaxed state at any time that they wish. In an atmosphere of support and trust, you will follow your natural birthing instincts helping you optimize your birth hormones, allowing you to experience a safe, serene, empowering birth, free of the fear that causes tension and pain.

Heavy emphasis is placed on addressing anxieties and fears, transforming them into healthier beliefs. Daily hypnosis sessions are encouraged to bring each woman to a place of belief that she can birth her baby from a place of strength, assisting her birth rather than resisting it. Our class goal is for our parents to become active participants rather than passive bystanders, embracing their birth experience, not with culturally conditioned fear, but with calm excitement and positive expectation.