Hypnobirthing cincinnati

Are There any Benefits to My Baby?

Yes - prenatally, during labor, and following their birth!

Prenatally, a mother shares her emotions with her unborn child through messenger molecules that are carried across the placenta impacting her baby’s brain development and allowing her to communicate with her baby in the most intimate way. Decades of research shows that babies are connected with their mother’s emotions and that stress and anxiety experienced in utero can have a life-long impact on baby’s emotional state and brain development. Your daily hypnosis sessions will be a pleasurable event during which your body will releas endorphins which cross the placenta and literally bathe your baby in feel-good hormones. 

During labor, when a woman is using hypnosis no fear is involved, and therefore no adrenaline, allowing a constant, ample oxygen supply to infuse the blood vessels in her uterus for her baby, making labor as safe as possible.

Following the baby’s birth, parents report that the many weeks of preparation actually have a calming effect on their babies. Calmer babies mean more successful breastfeeding relationships and less colic. Parents even share that the music that they listened to during their prenatal hypnosis sessions, relaxes and settles their baby after they have been born, simply because baby associates the music with being calm and experiencing pleasure.

Birth With Ease