Hypnobirthing cincinnati

  • Family-Centered Surgical Options
  • How to Have Open Communication With Your Doctor Regarding Your Surgical Preferences
  • What to Expect During Your Surgical Birth
  • Recovery Expectations
  • Partner Involvement During Your Cesarean Birth
  • Breastfeeding Following a Cesarean Birth

Class Objectives

*This program is also offered bi-monthly in a one-day intensive format for families absolutely unable to attend the full 8-week series listed above. It is held on a Sunday at Bethesda North Hospital. Class begins at 9:00 and ends at 4:00. Upcoming dates: Feb. 19, April 9, June 11, Aug. 13, Oct. 15, Dec. 10. To register, call 513-475-4500 or visit their web site at www.trihealth.com Questions about hypnosis: call Sharon @ 513-683-6990

This 2-class series is held on Monday evenings at Bethesda North Hospital. Class begins at 6:45 and ends at 9:15. To register, call 513-475-4500 or visit their web site at www.trihealth.com. Questions: call Sharon @ 513-683-6990. Upcoming class starting dates: Mch. 13, May 1, July 10, Sept. 11, Nov. 6

Class Syllabus

Class Summary

In the months leading up to the arrival of your baby, it’s easy to become immersed in educating yourself about the actual birth. However, many parents are caught off guard by the realities of the postpartum weeks and can find themselves feeling confused, exhausted, and overwhelmed. This class, led by a postpartum doula and mother of four, discusses:

  • what to expect the first week
  • taking care of you!
  • decoding “baby speak”
  • typical first month challenges
  • calming & soothing your newborn
  • partner needs & expectations
  • when to seek lactation assistance

Birth With Ease

To register for this 2-hour class, visit the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center

POSTPARTUM-OLOGY: demystifying the postpartum period

Class Summary

Did you know that your baby’s personality and disposition are shaped by your emotions, stress levels, and environment during pregnancy? Are you aware that starting in pregnancy you can help your baby develop positive relationships with the important people in your life? In this "prenatal parenting" class discover the new, cutting edge psychological and holistic guide for nurturing your baby before birth. Your most powerful time of influence on your child’s life is in utero!

In this 2-session prenatal parenting class learn about:

  • Fetal parenting
  • Intrauterine emotional development
  • Creating an emotionally healthy and happy baby
  • Stimulating your preborn’s brain growth
  • Effectively communicating with your unborn child
  • Building a “peaceful womb”
  • Preparing physically and emotionally for birth

Class Content

This 2-hour class is held on a Wednesday evening at Bethesda North Hospital on the 2nd floor in the Goetz room. Class begins at 6:45 and is offered 5 times a year. Upcoming classes: Mch. 1, May 10, July 19, Sept. 27, 12/3. Register below then RSVP to the instructor by text at (513) 477-4697.

Every birth is a momentous occasion, and the need for a baby to be born surgically does not negate the need for the family to celebrate this wondrous time. Let us show you how!


CONSCIOUS PREGNANCY -  a prenatal parenting class

Why We're Special

Rather than following a “method” of childbirth, our classes incorporate a wide variety of philosophies centered around the unwavering belief that women can give birth comfortably, confidently, and without fear. Hypnosis is our number one tool, in a toolbox full of effective comfort strategies.

  • Encouraging women to develop a trust in their body’s ability to birth their baby calmly, comfortably, and safely
  • Promoting prenatal bonding between mom, partner, and baby
  • Releasing fears about labor, birth, and early parenting


BIRTH WITH EASE - hypnosis for labor & birth

This 8-week series is held on Wednesday evenings at Bethesda North Hospital. Class begins at 6:45 and ends at 9:15.

To register, call 513-475-4500 or visit their web site at www.trihealth.com. Questions about hypnosis: call Sharon @ 513-683-6990

Upcoming series starting dates: Mch. 15, May 24, Aug. 2, Oct. 11