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How Does Using Hypnosis Affect My Labor?

When a woman uses hypnosis during her labor, she disconnects from her surroundings and her conscious thoughts and enters a state of deep focus. This state triggers her brain to bathe her body with endorphins, promoting comfort and relaxation, which allows her body to birth her baby without resistance. Utilizing hypnosis techniques allows women to remove pain that is introduced by forces outside the birthing process, which can can stop the flow of endorphins from her brain, resulting in pain not naturally associated with the laboring process. 

Since constant distractions and interruption are a part of giving birth in a medical facility, even if it is just a quick check on the baby's heart rate, women who use hypnosis have the advantage of being able to refocus quickly when these interruptions occur. Hypnosis helps women to go within and be in a safe, relaxing place in their minds, allowing them the opportunity to give birth in comfort and peace.Type your paragraph here.