Birth With Ease

Hypnobirthing cincinnati

Hypnosis allows your body to achieve its deepest state of physical relaxation. Some people say they feel a lightness, heaviness, or tingling sensation. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Hypnobirthing teaches you and your birthing companion how to utilize natural relaxation techniques so that your body can work with complete neuromuscular harmony, assisting your birth rather than resisting. When you are free of stress and fear, your body is free of pain-causing tension. 

Years of conditioning in western society have convinced most women that labor is a dangerous medical process causing many hours of suffering. However, in other cultures where birth is considered normal, women's births reflect their expectations; they give birth quickly, comfortably, and safely. By simply changing your perspective about birth you can achieve a faster, easier labor.

What Should I Expect Hypnosis to Feel Like?