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A birthing companion is your advocate, spokesperson, facilitator, and a liaison between you and the staff. Their importance cannot be understated. As women labor, they function most efficiently from the right side of their brain; an essential job of the labor partner is take responsibility for all left brain activities, seeing to it that all birth plan choices are being carried out and respected. Equally important are the comfort measures your partner will learn to provide, such as optimal positioning, massage, strategies to reposition a baby who isn’t in an ideal position, and a wide assortment of comfort strategies.

Most partners will admit to initially being skeptical about the effectiveness of hypnosis during labor, but change their view completely after just a class or two when they realize the immense benefits to both mom and baby. By the end of the series the birthing partner has developed a quiet confidence that is picked up on by mom who now feels supported in her choice to have a natural birth, and has reached a level of trust in her partner’s ability to help her achieve it.

Here’s a sampling of what birthing companions will learn:

  • that babies hear the Birthing Companion’s voice during hypnosis script-reading sessions and learn to associate their voice with ‘play’ time (prenatal bonding!)
  • specific questions to ask their doctor or midwife in order to gather the information necessary to make educated decisions regarding labor and birth
  • techniques that can instantly deepen mom’s hypnosis and comfort during the birthing experience
  • how to time uterine surges (contractions) and how to assess the mother’s progress during labor
  • physical strategies to help facilitate optimal positioning and descent of the baby

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